Telehealth Services

How does telehealth work?

Video ("telehealth") sessions are provided via SimplePractice, a HIPPA-compliant practice management platform that also houses the patient portal. You can use your PC or mobile device (smartphone, tablet) to connect to the session. We will have the ability to share screens, which allows us to view materials together as needed.

Where should I be located for the sessions?

I am licensed to provide services in PSYPACT-participating states, so you must be physically located in one of these states at the time of service. While it is otherwise up to your discretion where you are located during the sessions, I encourage you to be in a calm, quiet, private space. For your safety, I am not able to participate in a video session if you are driving. Per PSYPACT regulations, I must be located in Pennsylvania during the sessions, as PA is my licensing "home state."

How do I join a session?

There are two ways to join a video session:

1. Click on "Join Video Call" from your appointment email reminder, or
2. Click "Join Video" in the Upcoming Appointments section of the patient portal. 

Can I see you in person?

At this time my practice is limited to telehealth.

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